FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Q. Are kids welcome? 
A. Yes, children of all ages are welcome
Q. Does my kid volunteer get credit for volunteer hours?
A. Yes, we have numerous volunteers from the school boards. Bring your forms to be completed to the registration desk.
Q. Where is the location of the event?
A. For privacy and security reasons, we do not make the location publicly known.  Only those who register will receive an email with the complete details of the event.
Q. Do you still need volunteers?
A. Yes. If you’re able to register, we still need help. We will disable the registration form when we’re at capacity so register soon so you’re not disappointed!
Q. Who are you? 
A. We are the change we want to see in the world.  Officially we are the Canadian registered charity: Basket Brigade Charity, registration no. 7741 9493 RR0001
Q. Do I get a receipt if I donate?
A. Yes, we are a registered charity. Donations are accepted online here: https://www.hamiltonbasketbrigade.com/donation/. Receipts are automatically emailed to you.